People exposed to excessive "dirty" power may develop radio wave sickness. Clean power enters the home at 60 Hz. Electrical pollution is 60 Hz electricity polluted with high frequency signals or "dirty" power flowing on the wires and through the earth.


Appeals Court Tells FCC to Address Non-Thermal Health Impacts of Radiation from Wireless Technology on Children, the Public, and the Environment
In the case of Environmental Health Trust, et al vs. Federal Communications Commission, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals decision found the "[Federal Communications] Commission's order arbitrary and capricious in its failure to respond to record evidence that exposure to RF [radiofrequency] radiation at levels below the Commission's current limits may cause negative health effects unrelated to cancer."

The decision was a ringing indictment of the attempt by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ignore hundreds of comments by individuals who have been injured by wireless technology, as well as comments by medical organizations, physicians, and researchers.

"Ultimately, the Commission’s order remains bereft of any explanation as to why, in light, of the studies in its record, its guidelines remain adequate."

And, "… an agency cannot simply ignore evidence suggesting that a major factual predicate of its position may no longer be accurate."

Please click here to download and continue reading this press release.

Help raise awareness and put pressure on the FCC, please circulate the press release widely!

This victory is very important, but it is not time to sit back yet. The Court has remanded the order to the FCC, but they still have to write another order.

This is an important time to make sure that the FCC Dockets contain sufficient information about the harm that wireless is doing that there is no way that the FCC can make a reasoned decision continuing their thermally-based limits. Both Dockets 13-84 and 19-226 are taking comments.

Please take a moment to write and submit a strong clear succinct statement about your experience. Support it by also submitting key research that supports the relationship between RF/MW exposure and your experience and provides the necessary scientific evidence supporting the need for biologically-based limits.

If your rights under the Americans' with Disabilities Act have been violated by wireless technology, please clearly state that in your comment and ask the FCC to set biologically based limits on that basis. There is a discussion of some of the ways in which wireless technology violates the ADA in the Kleiber Amicus Brief submitted to the Court last summer.

Keep a copy of everything you submit so that you can easily resubmit it if the FCC tries to clear the record by opening a new docket.

"Hazards of Wireless Technologies, 5G, and the IoT" now available on youtube

Wisconsin for Safe Technology has posted a video of "Hazards of Wireless Technologies, 5G, and the IoT" on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3174&v=faSSMkA6jUo&feature=emb_logo

Please watch it, post it on social media, and ask local and national officials to watch it. It is imperative that everyone begin to fully understand the health and environmental hazard posed by wireless technology, as well as other sources of radiofrequency/microwave exposure. Only then can good public policy be formulated.

Here are links to the presentation slides and also press releases preceding and following the presentation.

Please circulate "Dangers Of 5G: New Technology Draws Concerns For The Environment, Public Safety" widely via social media and email and to public interest organizations.

All families with children should read Glow Kids by Nicholas Kardaras. Although technology is promoted as a learning tool for children, there is strong evidence that it is actually counterproductive and even harmful to allow your children to use screen technology at too young an age and for very much time at all. Remember marketing is the tool by which industry convinces us to do what they want us to do in order to make profits. What is best for an industry, is often not best for society. Experience with tobacco, lead paint, asbestos, radium, and others have shown us this. Despite the allure, there is strong evidence that the technology industry is no different.

Please circulate this article "Safety tips for use of digital technology by children at home" by Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family and Community Health, University of California, Berkeley and this press release "Staying Safe at Home During the Corona Crisis: Tips for Reducing Your Family's Exposure to Wireless Radiation". Individuals interested in minimizing their RF exposure can find steps for doing so on the Solutions page at www.ElectricalPollution.com.

Please also donate to the Environmental Health Trust lawsuit against the FCC which seeks to invalidate FCC Order 19-126 and force the FCC to update their limits for RF/MW exposures, see for more information https://ehtrust.org/ehtlegalaction-againstfcconhealtheffectsofcellphones/ Updates about EHT's ongoing legal action can be found at: https://ehtrust.org/eht-takes-the-fcc-to-court/.

Sources for additional information:
The Environmental Health Trust https://ehtrust.org
Physicians for Safe Technology http://www.mdsafetech.org/
Wisconsin for Safe Technology https://www.WisconsinSafeTech.com

Electronic Product Radiation: Key to Understanding Radiofrequency/Microwave Sickness and the rise of "electrosensitivity"

Electronic Product Radiation a.k.a Radio Frequency Interference is a biologically potent source of radio frequency exposure and can therefore cause symptoms of radio frequency sickness. This short video demonstrates that radio frequency electronic product radiation can easily be reduced. The capacitive filters used in the demonstration not only reduce electronic product radiation, they also reduce "dirty" electricity emissions.

Individuals who find they are "electrosensitive" are displaying symptoms of Radiofrequency(RF)/Microwave(MW) Sickness in response to an RF/MW exposure. Wireless technology is only one source of RF/MW exposure. Electrical devices and the electrical system are another source. In fact, the FCC states "Almost all electronic-electrical products (devices) are capable of emitting radio frequency energy." (https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/rfdevice).

Electronic Product Radiation is regulated by the FDA and the FCC which states "The FCC regulates radio frequency (RF) devices contained in electronic-electrical products that are capable of emitting radio frequency energy by radiation, conduction, or other means. These products have the potential to cause interference to radio services operating in the radio frequency range of 9 kHz to 3000 GHz." These are not health-based regulations. Incidental and Unintentional Radiators are classes of FCC RF emitters that do not deliberately emit RF/MW. Conducted RF, a.k.a. "dirty" electricity has been shown to cause RF/MW Sickness as well, thus making the whole electrical grid a potential source of RF/MW exposure and explaining the rise of "electrosensitivity".

The FDA and FCC should immediately begin tightening rules so electrical engineers are required to reduce emission of electronic product radiation and "dirty" electricity to low enough levels that they no longer cause biological effects like inappropriate activation of voltage-gated ion channels, oxidative damage, DNA breakage, induction of heat shock proteins, and cancer growth promotion.

Click to see: Mitigating Electronic Product Radiation a.k.a. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

A transcript is available at: http://www.electricalpollution.com/documents/Transcript_RFI-BiologicallyHazardous.pdf

Please also read, Inadequate Regulation of Electronic Product Radiation by FDA Causes Electrosensitivity a.k.a Radiofrequency/Microwave Sickness

Please visit the Solutions page at www.ElectricalPollution.com for more information about how to minimize your RF/MW exposure.

The FDA has jurisdiction over electronic product radiation and should immediately begin making rules to reduce electronic product radiation below thresholds that cause biological effects.

The FCC also has standards related to RFI and "dirty" electricity and needs to update those so they are biologically-protective.

Please visit RF in Cars and RFI Detection for more information.

Help get Information About The Hazard Posed By Wireless Technology Out Into The Real World

It is absolutely essential that we get the message about the danger of wireless technology, 5G, and the IoT out into the real world.

If you hold a protest, make sure everyone has good signage and/or T-shirts that make it very very clear what the protest is about. It is important that even the small pictures that appear in most newspapers clearly capture the message with clear signage whether on poster board or on people's shirts.

Diana has created a shop with products dedicated to raising awareness about the hazard posed by wireless technology because she herself was unaware of the hazard posed by wireless technology because the information was not visible in the real world. She only found out about it when she began looking for information about cell towers because birds were disappearing in Greece and she wondered if the rapidly growing number of cell towers was causing it. (She had already eliminated the likelihood that the usual suspects were the cause in her locale.) Please read the paper she wrote about the devastation wireless technology is causing to the bird population and trees in Greece called "Birds and Trees of Northern Greece: Population Declines since the Advent of 4G Wireless" available at http://www.electricalpollution.com/documents/Birds&TreesNorthGreece.pdf

She expressed that she would have begun fighting installation of wireless technology long before if she had only known. As you all know, the news media does not give adequate coverage to the issue so it is imperative that we all work to make the message visible in the real world.

If you have a car, a bumper sticker is a good way to spread the word. Better yet, get a bunch and distribute them to anyone who will also put it on their car.

If you are looking for good written material to distribute, www.stopsmartmeters.org has printed material available at low cost. The Environmental Health Trust (www.EHTrust.org) has also developed printed material.

If you have an organization or a group, please consider investing in yard signs to spread the message locally. Yard signs with a simple clear message can be a very effective way of getting the message out, especially with a website included.

National Toxicology Program finds "Clear Evidence of Cancer" from exposure to cellphone radiation

Please visit the Environmental Health Trust press release, "Clear Evidence of Cancer" from Cell Phone Radiation: U.S. National Toxicology Program Releases Final Report on Animal Study, to read the full story about the National Toxicology Program findings.

Environmental Health Trust has created awareness raising posters, videos, and literature which should be used by public health officials and medical care providers to make the public aware of the hazard.

Everyone deserves to have the information necessary to make informed decisions about the riskiness of the technology they decide to use.

If you want to minimize your exposure to wireless radiation, please visit the Solutions page to find a list of steps. Local politicians can act to immediately reduce or eliminate the use of wireless technology in public buildings they control.

Help spread the word on social media about the National Toxicology Program findings that radiation from cellphones causes cancer - post links on Facebook, Twitter, and the numerous other social media sites. It is time for the U.S. Congress to take action since it is their fault that wireless technology got promoted without first being safety tested!

  • Request Congress to amend Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 so that the health and environmental effects of cell towers and other commercial wireless facilities can again be a legal, legitimate component of all deliberations involving antenna placement, construction, and modification. This would allow communities to remove antennas.
  • Request Congress to shift authority for setting and enforcing RF safety limits (for both wireless technology and "dirty" electricity) from the FCC back to the EPA and to provide funding to perform these duties. (FCC is too conflicted by their duty to promote technology to have these key responsibilities.)
  • Request Congress to immediately require Government buildings and places of public accommodation, particularly hospitals and schools to use wired connections exclusively and turn off all the transmitters on their equipment.
  • Request Congress to immediately require removal of antennas from building roofs since this leads to very high exposure levels for building occupants.
  • Congress should instruct the FCC to halt it's 13-39 Rules process that will relax the existing (and grossly outdated) public safety limits. The FCC should not make the existing cell phone radiation standards less restrictive. They should immediately place a moratorium on new technologies until they can be properly safety tested and fast-track formulation of more protective safety limits for exposure to wireless radiation based on existing data. The new limits must be updated at least every other year.

In the meantime, suggest people read the Solutions page at www.electricalpollution.com for steps to take to minimize their own RF exposure. And, of course pass the link for the Solutions page on to those you care about and spread it around on social media too.

International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology

International Scientists Appeal to U.N. to Protect Humans and Wildlife from Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Technology

WHO's conflicting stance on risk needs strengthening, says 190 scientists

New York, NY, May 11, 2015 (Business Wire) -- Today 190 scientists from 39 nations submitted an appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk. These exposures are a rapidly growing form of environmental pollution worldwide.

The "International EMF Scientist Appeal" asks the Secretary General and UN affiliated bodies to encourage precautionary measures, to limit EMF exposures, and to educate the public about health risks, particularly to children and pregnant women.

The Appeal highlights WHO's conflicting positions about EMF risk. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Radiofrequency radiation as a Group 2B "Possible Carcinogen" in 2011, and Extremely Low Frequency fields in 2001. Nonetheless, WHO continues to ignore its own agency's recommendations and favors guidelines recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines, developed by a self-selected group of industry insiders, have long been criticized as non-protective.

The Appeal calls on the UN to strengthen its advisories on EMF risk for humans and to assess the potential impact on wildlife and other living organisms under the auspices of the UN Environmental Programme, in line with the science demonstrating risk, thereby resolving this inconsistency.

Martin Blank, PhD, of Columbia University, says, "International exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields must be strengthened to reflect the reality of their impact on our bodies, especially on our DNA. The time to deal with the harmful biological and health effects is long overdue. We must reduce exposure by establishing more protective guidelines."

Joel Moskowitz, PhD, of University of California, Berkeley, says, "ICNIRP guidelines set exposure standards for high-intensity, short-term, tissue-heating thresholds. These do not protect us from the low-intensity, chronic exposures common today. Scientists signing the Appeal request that the UN and member nations protect the global human population and wildlife from EMF exposures."

International EMF Scientist Appeal: EMFscientist.org

Please take a moment to spread news about the Appeal through your social media contacts, thank you!

Request to NGOs worldwide to support the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations

The International Electromagnetic Field Alliance (IEMFA) has received a statement of support for the International EMF Scientist Appeal submitted to the United Nations on May 11, 2015, from 70 NGOs in 14 countries. Organizations who have chosen to support this International EMF Scientist Appeal will be posted with the NGO letter of support on the IEMFA website along with the Appeal. See: www.iemfa.org

You can add your organization to this list by contacting Janet Newton, President of The EMR Policy Institute in the United States, at: JNewton@emrpolicy.org

Wireless technology: Playing Russian Roulette with our children's health!

"Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014" by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe is a must-watch presentation about the hazard that RF radiation emitted by wireless technology poses to children. Anyone who cares about children should watch this video. Dr. Mallery-Blythe does an excellent job of presenting the information in an interesting coherent accessible way, but with enough detail to make the presentation important for doctors, lawmakers, school boards, insurance executives, and other decision makers to watch.

This letter by a doctor outlines the very serious, but profoundly different effects exposure to radiation from wireless technology has on her children. Reading it may help you see how children you know are being effected by the wireless technology around them.

Dr. Mallery-Blythe is not alone in warning that wireless technology is hazardous. Turn It Off 4 Kids Initiative 2015 (http://www.nacst.org/nacst-turn-it-off-4-kids.html) is an initiative of The National Association for Children and Safe Technology to protect children in schools from radiation from wireless devices by utilizing safe technologies. The Baby Safe Project (www.babysafeproject.org) warns pregnant women to avoid and minimize their exposure to radiation from wireless technology. The MD Symposium (www.c4st.org/MDSymposium), jointly hosted by Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and C4ST, was designed to educate physicians about the seriousness of the public health threat posed by wireless technology. This is no anti-technology movement - C4ST is headed by Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada.

Help protect your loved ones. Spread the word online through Facebook and Twitter or use the documents below to handout:
Doctors’ Advice to Patients & Their Families - Cell Phones & Health: Simple Precautions Make Sense from The Environmental Health Trust

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Children and Wireless Radiation from The Environmental Health Trust

When "SMART" is DUMB

Take Back Your Power - is a very powerful movie which follows the director's journey of discovery about the hazards of smart meters - privacy, security, and health.

"Smart meter" is a name for remote reading meters that was designed to improve acceptance, after all who doesn't want to be smart? As push back has grown to "smart" meters, utilities have reverted to calling them AMR, AMI, etc. meters. In spite of the name change, the very real flaws of the meters remain. Automated meters are electrically polluting and usually transmit a very strong RF signal - microwave radiation - despite frequent utility claims to the contrary.

View this powerful eye-opening movie by visiting www.takebackyourpower.net If you have a wireless internet connection, help protect the environment and your own health and buy a DVD. The DVD has the added benefit of enabling you to loan this powerful movie to friends, relatives, lawmakers, and donate it to the library when you're finished viewing it.

If the information in the movie concerns you, join your local StopSmartMeters group and start working toward a moratorium and change. Work with others in your state to champion this Consumer Protective Smart Meter Legislation. Please also consider doing a showing of Take Back Your Power or buying extra copies for local lawmakers.

Help remove the influence of money from politics and public policy in the U.S., support the non-partisan Move to Amend. Their website is https://movetoamend.org. Together "We the people"… will prevail!

Click here to read more about Transmitting Smart Meters

BioInitiative 2012 - A Rationale for Biologically-based Exposure Standards for Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation

Please help circulate the press release and information about the BioInitiative 2012 widely.

Press Release:

BioInitiative 2012 Report Issues New Warnings on Wireless and EMF
University at Albany /Rensselaer, New York. January 7, 2013

A new report by the BioInitiative Working Group 2012 says that evidence for risks to health has substantially increased since 2007 from electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies (radiofrequency radiation). The Report reviews over 1800 new scientific studies. Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk.

  "There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones” says Lennart Hardell, MD at Orebro University, Sweden. “Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency should be classified as a human carcinogen. The existing FCC/IEEE and ICNIRP public safety limits and reference levels are not adequate to protect public health."

A dozen new studies link cell phone radiation to sperm damage. Even a cell phone in the pocket or on a belt may harm sperm DNA, result in misshapen sperm, and impair fertility in men. Laptop computers with wireless internet connections can damage DNA in sperm.

Based on strong evidence for vulnerable biology in autism, EMF/RFR can plausibly increase autism risk and symptoms. "While we aggressively investigate the links between autism disorders and wireless technologies, we should minimize wireless and EMF exposures for people with autism disorders, children of all ages, people planning a baby, and during pregnancy,” says Martha Herbert, MD, PhD.

Wireless devices such as phones and laptops used by pregnant women may alter brain development of the fetus. This has been linked in both animal and human studies to hyperactivity, learning and behavior problems.

According to David O. Carpenter, MD, co-editor:

"There is now much more evidence of risks to health affecting billions of people world-wide. The status quo is not acceptable in light of the evidence for harm."

This study covers EMF from powerlines, electrical wiring, appliances and hand-held devices; and from wireless technologies (cell and cordless phones, cell towers, ‘smart meters’, WI-FI, wireless laptops, wireless routers, baby monitors, and other electronic devices). Health topics include damage to DNA and genes, effects on memory, learning, behavior, attention, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. New safety standards are urgently needed for protection against EMF and wireless exposures that now appear everywhere in daily life.

The BioInitiative 2012 Report is available at: www.bioinitiative.org.

Visit BioInitiative 2012 Conclusions to read a summary of the conclusions of this detailed review of the literature.

Please circulate the BioInitiative 2012 press release widely.

For a video about the very real consequences of not having meaningful biologically-based safety limits for radiation from wireless devices, please watch this video about cellphones causing breast cancer

Read "Is your beloved cell phone killing you? Turn it on, keep it close and watch the results" by Steve Elwart, P.E., Ph.D. He is the executive research analyst with the Koinonia Institute and a subject matter expert for the Department of Homeland Security.

What can you do to protect your family, friends, and loved ones?

  • First, pass on the information and press release above.
  • Second, visit the Solutions page to find out what steps you can take within your own home to significantly reduce your family's exposure to radiofrequency radiation - you will be surprised how much control you do have to significantly reduce your family's exposure.
  • Third, support biologically-based radiofrequency radiation safety limits. Follow this link to find out how.
  • Fourth, support universal access to fiber optic internet to the premises (with no wireless router at the premises) - similar to telephone service or electrification. It is the safe, green, state-of-the-art internet connection. Follow this link to find out more.
  • Fifth, help stop the use of Transmitting Utility Meters.

Fund Fiber Optic Broadband, NOT Wireless Broadband

The United States is planning its future broadband infrastructure. Public input asking for safe, secure, reliable, extremely high speed, and energy efficient is needed. Fiber optic broadband delivers all these. Support Fiber Optic Broadband.


Fiber optic broadband is the state-of-the-art gold standard in broadband. It is far and away the highest speed, highest capacity, and most reliable option for broadband. Wireless isn’t even close. Furthermore, it is safe, secure, and energy efficient.

(Find out more)

Going Off-Grid Safely
People, including us, who are contending with illness due to exposure to radiofrequency radiation either from "dirty" power or transmitted radiofrequency radiation (wireless technology) often think that going off-grid with a DC (direct current) electrical system will solve their problems.

Unless the system is carefully researched and engineered, meticulously installed, and then appropriate filtering is installed to eliminate the radiofrequency signals that inevitably result from the operation of most components available today, this will NOT be the case.

To read more, please visit Going Off-Grid Safely

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously "Dirty" Electricity

Wind turbines are causing serious health problems. These health problems are often associated, by the people having them, with the flicker and the noise from the wind turbines. This often leads to reports being discounted.

Residents of the area around the Ripley Wind Farm in Ontario where Enercon E82 wind turbines are installed feel that the turbines are making them ill. Residents suffer from ringing in the ears, headaches, sleeplessness, dangerously elevated blood pressure (requiring medication), heart palpitations, itching in the ears, eye watering, earaches, and pressure on the chest causing them to fight to breathe. The symptoms disappear when the residents leave the area. Four residents were forced to move out of their homes, the symptoms were so bad. Residents also complain of poor radio, TV and satellite dish reception. There is no radio reception under or near the power lines from the wind turbines because there is too much interference. Local farmers have found that they get headaches driving along near those power lines.

To read the rest of the article please click here:Wind Turbines

Melrose-Mindoro School District in western Wisconsin found "sick" building syndrome caused by electrical pollution, not mold

Teachers at a school in the Melrose-Mindoro School District noticed a marked improvement in their health after Graham-Stetzer Electrical Pollution Filters were installed in the school. Superintendent Ron Perry said "The staff were unaware what work was being done. They only knew an electrical contractor was working in the building. Within days I had people asking me what had been done, they knew something had been, since they felt so much better."

The school had previously been categorized as a "sick" building and the Wisconsin Department of Health had blamed a supposed mold problem. Extensive and costly cleaning and painting was done to clean up the mold problem, but did nothing to alleviate the symptoms the staff experienced.

Due to knowledge one of the board members had about the human health effects of electrical pollution, Mr. Stetzer was called in to do measurements and ultimately to install Graham-Stetzer filters, eliminating exposure to high frequencies from the electrical pollution. The increase in modern electronics inside the school and "dirty" power from similar sources outside the school were to blame.

Installing the electrical filters turned out to be much less expensive than completing what would have been the next phase of the mold cleanup. The school district is also saving money because teacher absences were dramatically reduced after the filters were installed. In addition to saving money, greater continuity due to few teacher absences leads to better quality education. In short, Superintendent Perry was very happy with the results and felt others should be made aware of the problem.

"Electrical pollution takes its toll on school" is a recent article that ran in the Melrose Chronicle.

"School staff ill from electricity use" is the original article that ran in the Melrose Chronicle. You may have to scroll down to read the original article since commentary is also posted there.

A letter from the school nurse, Char Sbraggia R.N., regarding changes in the health of faculty and students in the Melrose-Mindoro School District since the installation of the Graham-Stetzer Electrical Pollution Filters.

A follow-up letter from the school nurse, Char Sbraggia R.N., written two years after the installation of the Graham-Stetzer Electrical Pollution Filters in the Melrose-Mindoro School District.

An essay by Angela Olstad, Mindoro Fourth Grade Teacher/Building Principal, about electrical pollution and their experience: Explainable Health Conditions.

A follow-up essay by Angela Olstad, Mindoro Fourth Grade Teacher/Building Principal, written two years after filters discovering electrical pollution was the cause of her illness: Surviving in this world....

Related news from other schools:

A paper titled Power quality affects teacher wellbeing and student behavior in three Minnesota Schools, published in Science of the Total Environment, July 2008.

A paper titled A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 2008.

"Bangor School District spends $15,000 on electrical filters" is a recent article that ran in the West Salem Coulee News, Wisconsin.

A paper titled "Teacher and Student Response to the Removal of Dirty Electricity by the Graham/Stetzer Filter in Willowwood School in Toronto, Canada"

Analysis of a waveform from a Minnesota school

Letter sent to Chairperson Jensen by a fourth grade class in Wisconsin in support of the "Electrical Consumer Bill of Rights," Wisconsin Assembly Bill 529 (AB529)

Let others know about the dangers posed by high frequencies with these handouts:

Summary of the effects of electrical pollution in schools and the benefits of cleaning it up

Open letter on the dangers of WiFi

Here is a parent-run website dedicated to getting WiFi out of schools due to the serious hazards it poses to students:

Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home

In "Mitigation of Electrical Pollution in the Home," released on 19 April 2002, Professor Emeritus at University of California in Berkeley Dr. Martin Graham discusses how people can cheaply and easily identify whether they are exposed to electrical pollution, as well as, a safe easy way to mitigate the problem once it is identified.

Filter available from Stetzer Electric
(Click to enlarge)

Meter available from Stetzer Electric
(Click to enlarge)
In the paper, he discusses the use of small portable filters which plug into standard electrical outlets to reduce/eliminate exposure to electrical pollution. Dr. Graham provided pictures of spectra of electrical pollution from a spectrum analyzer that also demonstrates the filter efficacy.

Approximately 20 such filters are needed to reduce exposure to electrical pollution in the average home. In order to adequately filter the home, it is important to install a sufficient number of filters from the start. The installation instructions below can be used to help determine how many are needed.

The Microsurge Meter, developed and patented by Dr. Graham, plugs into an electrical outlet giving a continuous reading of the electrical pollution levels on the wiring. The meter measures the energy in the radio frequency range riding on the 60 or 50 Hz sine wave.

The Microsurge Meter has been standardized against the existing sanitary standards for exposure to high frequencies for the Republic of Kazakhstan. In November 2003, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued sanitary norms governing electrical pollution on building wiring which set the highest allowable reading for building wiring at 50 on the Microsurge Meter. ("Permissible levels of high-frequency electromagnetic pollutions' voltage in a wires of industrial frequency alternating current: Sanitary-epidemiologic norms" and the decree on "On measures of decreasing of negative influence of physical factors on human health") Readings over 50 are required to be reduced to less than 50 using filters or some other means. They recognize that an acceptable level of 50 is not the same as a safe level.

My personal experience, corroborated by others recovering from radiowave sickness, has been that levels need to be below 20 for me not to be sick, the farther below 20 the better.

Instructions for filter installation can be found at https://www.stetzerelectric.com/stetzerizer/installation/

UL approved Stetzerizer filters and the Microsurge Meter are available from Stetzer Electric, Inc.
Stetzer Electric can be reached by phone at (608) 989-2571 or at their website http://www.stetzerelectric.com/. Questions can be directed to sales@stetzerelectric.com

Disclaimer: The webmaster is a recovering patient, motivated by a desire to learn and teach about electrical pollution, who does not make filters or possess any financial interest in the company that produces them.

Some Important Sources of High Frequencies Can Be Easy and Relatively Inexpensive to Mitigate

Large motors with variable-speed frequency drives (VFD) generate large amounts of high frequencies if the proper filters have not been installed. Pacific Gas & Electric even has a page on their website dealing with problems caused by unfiltered VFDs. Installation of the filters, called harmonic noise filters, is required in many European countries. In the United States, however, filters are frequently omitted to save money or because their importance is not understood or both. The filters can cost as little as $35, depending on the manufacturer and model of the VFD (relatively little compared to the initial cost of the VFD motor itself).

Variable speed frequency drives are used in various commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. On the commercial/industrial side applications are numerous and can include assembly lines, ventilation fans, and pumps. In agriculture, motors with variable-speed frequency drives can be found in various applications including milking machines and ventilation fans.

Many other sources of high frequencies can be found in industry. One such example is arc furnaces. They generate large amounts of high frequencies which can be relatively easy to "clean up" in consultation with a power quality specialist. A competent power quality specialist can identify and remedy sources of high frequencies.

Why bother? The July 5, 1999 issue of Fortune (industrial issue) states that "Dirty power costs U.S. industry anywhere from $4 billion to $6 billion a year, according to Karl Stahlkopf, a vice president at the utility financed Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)." Due to insufficient isolation between the phase wires and the primary neutral, "cleaning up" the power returning to the utilities will "clean up" the power coming from the utilities. "Cleaner" power can pay great dividends by extending equipment lifetime and reducing down time. Furthermore, "cleaner" power would reduce human and animal exposure to high frequencies, thereby reducing the incidence and severity of symptoms of radio wave sickness, leading to a healthier more productive future.

Strobing cell-tower lights installed without the RF Choke are hazardous to your health.

In May 2001 some very high frequency signals appeared on equipment monitoring electrical ground currents at a few dairy farms in Wisconsin. The signal was traced to a nearby cell tower whose rotating beacon light had just recently been changed to a strobing light. The origin of the signal was verified by shutting off the strobing light momentarily. The signal on the monitoring equipment disappeared while the light was off. The signal starts at about 25 MHz and rings down from there. It is produced when the capacitors, which store up the 1000 volts or more needed to strobe the light, release that energy all at once to strobe the light. Therefore, a high frequency and high voltage impulse is released each time the light flashes. If the RF Choke is in place and the utilities wires are adequate to carry the current back to the substation, there is no problem. However, many companies, not realizing the problem they cause, have opted to save the approximately $30 and omit the filter. The utility system, in many areas, cannot return such a high frequency high voltage impulse to the substation on the neutral wire, as it should. Therefore, it takes the path of least resistance back to the substation. The path of least resistance is not always the shortest path. Problems have been found as far as 6 miles from the tower.

People unfortunate enough to live in the return path may experience symptoms of Radiofrequency Sickness.

(Click to enlarge)
These can include: sleeplessness or disturbed sleep, fever, rash, nausea, inability to concentrate, thinking in a fog, short-term memory problems, sore joints particularly hip joints, irritable bowel syndrome, miscarriage, and birth defects. Symptoms, particularly the fever, clear up outside of the exposure area as long as there is not continued exposure to high frequencies from another source. Dairy farms unfortunate enough to be in the path may experience decreased milk production, longer milking time, poor cow coat and health, miscarriages, difficulty breeding cows back, and difficulty getting cows to eat and drink properly.

These problems can be substantially cleared up by the cell tower companies if they install the approximately $30 filter. Additionally, cell tower companies should install filters on the electronic equipment running at the towers, so that they are in compliance with the IEEE-519 rules. An ordinance requiring compliance with the IEEE-519 was passed recently at the county level in a county in Wisconsin. Follow the link to obtain information to assist with passage of a similar ordinance by your local zoning board.

"Stray Voltage," not stray at all

"Stray Voltage" is merely another name for electrical ground current. Electrical ground current is electrical current returning to the substation through the earth. Electrical ground currents occur when the utility's wire is no longer the path of least resistance back to the substation. Electricity always follows the path of least resistance. Once it is off the wire, that path often includes plumbing, people, and animals, in addition to the earth. Calling the returning electrical ground currents "stray voltage" was a stroke of genius. The name "stray voltage" trivializes the problem and suggests unknown and unknowable origin, which is not true at all. Preliminary data suggest that dairies with "stray voltage" problems actually have both "dirty" power and electrical ground currents.

The Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), as well as some individual utility companies have identified solutions for electrical ground currents and "dirty" power. The solutions include larger primary neutral wires and/or filters to reduce the amount of high frequencies present. According to EPRI " A method that practically eliminates ground currents associated with primary distribution lines and still maintains the advantages of a four-wire multi-grounded system, is the five-wire system...(excerpt from Handbook for the Assessment and Management of Magnetic Fields Caused by Distribution Lines)." An April 2002 IEEE paper entitled "Five-wire Distribution System Demonstration Project" contains similar findings.

Graph excerpted from Milk Production of Dairy Herd Decreased by Transient Voltage Events by Hillman et al
(Click to enlarge)

The review article by Dr. Donald Hillman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University Effects of Electrical Shock on Cattle and abstract for the paper entitled Milk Production of Dairy Herd Decreased by Transient Voltage Events contain important information about electrical pollution for dairy producers.

An article in Wisconsin State Journal on Monday, August 23, 2004 by Tom Sheehan, "Current May Have An Effect On Cows
Exposure May Affect Immune Systems But Study Can't Conclude Whether It Affects Cows' Ability To Fight Disease" discusses research at University of Wisconsin - Madison on the effect of exposure to low levels of electrical current.
(As you read the article, keep in mind that the exposure period was only three weeks. Most cows live in the polluted environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year. Imagine what they might have found with a realistic exposure length. It is also unclear if the current used was representative of the current waveform found on farms with ground current problems when a sensitive oscilloscope with a large frequency range is used.)

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