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The only known cure for Radio Wave Sickness is to stop being exposed to high frequencies.

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    There are many ways to approach the problem of stopping your exposure to high frequencies from electrical pollution and wireless. This page discusses actions you can take on your own to minimize your exposure to high frequencies due to wireless technology and electrical pollution. The Solutions page should be printed and used like a checklist.

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    I have compiled this list of steps to take based on my own experience and that of others. The steps listed are ones that I know to be helpful. Most benefit no particular party. None benefit me financially. I do not make income off this website.

    There are many products available promising quick fixes. There are no quick fixes. Reducing exposure to radiofrequency radiation from all sources is the only way to recover. Complete recovery takes time. Immediate improvements in energy, sleep quality, number of headaches, and other symptoms that come on quickly with exposure usually resolve quickly when exposure is eliminated. Other damage to nerves, muscles, mental function, digestion, immune system function and so on can take a year or more to repair itself and may never do so fully. The longer the exposure and the greater the damage, the longer it takes to repair. Thus, time is of the essence in reducing your exposure. The extreme sensitivity to radiofrequency radiation that most people with radiofrequency sickness experience can fade a bit if exposure can be virtually eliminated, but almost never goes away completely. Those who are beginning to notice effects, but are not extremely sensitive yet, should immediately reduce their exposure as much as possible to avoid getting full-blown radiofrequency sickness.

    Clean power enters the home at 60Hz. Electrical Pollution is 60 Hz electricity polluted with high frequency signals or "dirty" power flowing on the wires and through the earth. People exposed to excessively "dirty" power or wireless communication signals may develop Radio Wave Sickness.

    Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness
    (excerpted from No Place To Hide April 2001.)

    • Neurological: headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint paint, leg/foot pain, "Flu-like" symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke.
    • Cardiac: palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.
    • Respiratory: sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.
    • Dermatological: skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.
    • Ophthalmologic: pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts.
    • Others: digestive problems; abdominal pain; enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain; dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; altered sugar metabolism; immune abnormalities; redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; ringing in the ears.

    Please follow the initial steps in both the electrical pollution section and the transmitted radiofrequency radiation section in order since they are arranged from most to least important. Many of the later steps will not work if the first steps are not taken first. Good luck! If you have any questions please email me at: webmaster@electricalpollution.com

    Wireless Technology

    • Turn off, box up and put away all wireless technology which includes: WiFi, DECT cordless phones, wireless dog fences, etc.
    • Turn off WiFi, bluetooth, and airport transmitters on laptops and tablets.
    • Turn off transmitters on cellphones, smartphones, and tablets. Using airplane mode turns off most transmitters and preserves batteries.
    • Look deep into the instruction manual for cellphones, smartphones, and tablets to find out how to turn off the microwave transmitter which continually transmits the locator signal, allowing you to be tracked and it to be found when lost. (Alternatively, stick the phone in a metal pot with a tight-fitting metal lid when not in use.)
    • Hardwire your telephone and use a corded phone.
    • Hardwire your internet connection: cable, DSL, or fiberoptic and be sure that the service box does not automatically emit a WiFi signal, many do. Get it replaced or the WiFi turned off if it does. See this video for more information.
    • Purchase an RF detector and track down and turn off transmitters which may be hidden in stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, entertainment equipment, fans, etc.
    Corded wireless technology you do not eliminate can be plugged into filtering power strips so they can at least be definitively and easily turned off at night.

    [There are numerous options for RF detectors. I have found the Cornet ED85EX to be quite helpful with locating transmitters. I recommend getting the sound since it improves directionality and the case for better portability. It doesn't have quite the directionality of the HFE-35C, but it is a lot less expensive and has a higher frequency range.]

    Smart Meters aka transmitting utility meters or AMR, AMI, ERT.. meters

    • Place sheet metal between your living space and the transmitting utility meter.
    • Don't spend time near it (or your neighbor's transmitting meter).
    • Plug in filters in several outlets installed on A phase and B phase right at the electrical box. (May need to have electrician install outlets for this purpose, following instructions below.)
    • Visit smart meter page and www.stopsmartmeters.org to learn more about smart meters and how to get them removed from your home.

    Electrical Pollution

    • Turn off or unplug all devices that repel or kill deer, rodents, mosquitos, or anything else by emitting frequencies. (We often test devices on animals to see if they are good for humans. The very effects these devices are designed for are telling you that they are not safe for people.)
    • Unplug or turn off any other devices that claim to generate frequencies. (People with radiofrequency sickness need less exposure not more. Individual response to individual frequencies varies widely and there is far more likelihood of a negative effect than a positive one, in spite of claims to the contrary. Artificial sources claiming to generate the earth's magnetic field can also be dangerous and unnecessary- the earth's field is still there. Read Dr. Neil Cherry's paper "Cardiac Effects of Natural and Artificial EMR" for information about the profound effect the earth's natural electromagnetic environment can have on cardiac function.)
    • Unplug or remove touch lamps, plasma TVs, most compact fluorescent bulbs, fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts, some full-spectrum lights, and wireless plug-in telephone jacks since they are very bad sources of high frequencies.
    • Have an electrician remove dimmer switches and halogen lights. If you want mood lighting, use three-way lights. Unlike with dimmer switches, you will save electricity on the low settings.
    • Remove flashers from decorative lighting. Each on or off event results in a high frequency transient.
    • Eliminate sources of arcing (a source of very high frequencies):
      • Sources in electrical panels and other areas of relatively uniform temperature can be identified with an infra-red camera. Arcs or sparks will show up as hot spots.
      • Have an electrician replace aluminum wiring with copper. Aluminum wiring can cause electrical fires. Even when de-powered, it is a particularly bad source of RF radiation due to the "Rusty-Bolt" Effect" and RF sparking, thus it is best to replace or simply remove all aluminum wiring.
      • Search for loose connections and bad switches and outlets with a battery operated portable transistor radio - the Radio Shack Radio #12-467 works well. (You can show your electrician how this works. They all need to know how to do it since these are potentially a fire hazard, in addition to being a health hazard.)
          The method for doing this is to tune the radio to AM on a non-station and walk around with it near, but definitely not touching, the wiring in walls, outlets, and switches. You are likely to hear static throughout the house, however as you approach bad connections, switches, and outlets and appliances that emit a lot of RF, the static will get louder and as the radio gets farther away the static will quiet. Mark those connections, switches, and outlets for the electrician to tighten or replace. Try different non-stations since radios only detect the frequencies for which they are tuned.
      • Have an electrician tighten all connections in the main circuit board in addition to addressing trouble spots identified in the previous steps.
      • Re-check house with portable radio, smaller problems may have been covered up by larger problems, especially by problems occurring at the main panel.
      • Re-check the whole house every few years so any problems are caught and addressed quickly. Electrical systems need to be maintained regularly to prevent problems.
      • Have your electrician replace poorly made switches, fixtures, and appliances using commercial grade switches, outlets, and fixtures. All switches and outlets should be side-wired, not back-wired, and the screws should be tightened firmly to prevent arcing.
    • Use a gauss meter to detect wiring problems. Certain wiring problems cause high EMF. High readings on a gauss meter with no apparent cause - e.g. nearby motor, electronics, high voltage wires nearby, etc. - can indicate wiring problems. Improperly wired three-way switches; nails through wires, wiring parallel to plumbing are just some examples of such problems. Investigative work is often necessary.
    • Have an electrician bypass or remove variable speed frequency drives (VSFD) where possible. Without appropriate filters they are very bad sources of high frequencies. If you have a VSFD on your motors in your heating and/or cooling system, it can easily be bypassed by the service person. The motor would then just run at high speed. Little efficiency is lost when this is done on a heating or cooling system. Energy efficient washing machines often have variable speed motors and thus require at least one filter.
    • Plug in high frequency filters. (Such as those available from Stetzer Electric. Stetzer Electric can be reached by phone at (608) 989-2571 or at their website http://www.stetzerelectric.com/. Questions can be directed to sales@stetzerelectric.com).
      • Approximately 20 Graham/Stetzer filters are needed for the average house. They should be plugged in near sources of high frequencies, as well as, frequently used electrical appliances. (Some devices generate pollution that the filter will lower at the receptacle, but will not lower at the device. This is a particular concern when people are close to the device, as they are with hairdryers, sewing machines, and low voltage halogen desk and reading lamps.)
      • A couple should be plugged into outlets installed off of both A and B phases next to the main service box. (Have your electrician use properly rated stranded wire to wire the outlets for maximum filter effectiveness.)
      • Install the rest in outlets around the house where the best reductions occur using the Stetzerizer Meter. If improvement occurs only slowly, more filters may be necessary. If way too few are installed initially, no difference may be observed, so it is very important to put in sufficient quantity from the start.
    • Only use laptops on battery. Recharge them when you are not around. They generate a large amount of "dirty" power and the transformer on the charging cord generates a very large field. Also use an external wired keyboard and mouse to reduce your exposure to the high frequencies from the processor.
    • Be sure to check electronics. Some transformers converting AC power to DC power (the boxes that plug into the wall a.k.a. wall warts) are poorly designed and highly polluting. They pollute and use electricity as long as they are plugged in and the outlet is on. They often have a large electromagnetic field, measurable with a gauss meter, so keep your distance and unplug when not in use or plug into a filtering power strip so several related wall warts can easily be turned off when not in use. This will also save money on your electricity bill.
    • If one or more consumer products are responsible for making you ill, please report them to the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772 or http://www.cpsc.gov. Be prepared with the product name, model and/or serial number, and the symptoms it causes. These dangerous consumer products will not be either removed from shelves or re-engineered unless complaints are filed.
    • Have a plumber install about 2 ft of PVC pipe, pex pipe or a commercially available dielectric union between the house pipes (on the house side of the water meter) and the water/sewer system, which has become an alternate return path for electricity. The ground for the electrical panel should be on the street side of the water meter. Pipes with high levels of ground current can cause high readings on a gauss meter.
    • Have your heating or gas technician install a commercially available dielectric union just after the gas pipes enter your home to electrically separate the gas tank or the system of natural gas pipes from the gas pipes inside your home, often these pipes have become an alternate path for electricity or radiofrequencies and can also have high readings on a gauss meter.
    • Have the phone company install an Radio Frequency (RF) Filter on your phone line. The phone line can conduct the electric utilities ground currents, including high frequencies, since they are both grounded to the same earth.

    Common electrical devices, grid faults, and ambient RF radiation can cause radiofrequency interference (static), a source of RF exposure. People have found addressing these sources to be helpful Detecting Radiofrequency Radiation Emitters with a Portable Radio

    People experiencing symptoms of RF sickness in their vehicles may want to read Radiofrequencies in Cars: A public health threat

    People on off-grid energy systems or with grid-tied alternative energy systems should visit Going Off-grid Safely.

    People areas with wind turbines or large-scale solar installations should visit Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously "Dirty" Electricity.

    Additional discussion and steps to take can be found at the full Solutions page.

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