The Wisconsin Farm Bureau District 1 & 2 Young Farmers present

Electrical Pollution: Its Human and Animal Health Effects, Causes and Solutions

    7:30 p.m. Jan. 16
    Watertown High School
    Room S280
    825 Endeavor Drive
    Watertown, Wis.

    7:30 p.m. Jan. 17
    Verona Area High School
    Performing Arts Center, Studio West
    300 Richard St.
    Verona, Wis.

    Cleaning up electrical pollution is critically important to the future of dairy farming in Wisconsin and the health of families throughout the state.


    Dave Stetzer, an industrial power quality specialist
    Catherine Kleiber, District 1 Young Farmer Chairperson

    About the speakers...

    Dave Stetzer is an industrial power quality specialist at Stetzer Electric in Blair, Wis. Stetzer will speak about the causes of and solutions for electrical pollution, his experiences measuring electrical pollution, and the human and animal health effects he observed.

    Stetzer worked with industry for years as an industrial power quality specialist, designing and installing systems to protect their equipment from "dirty" power. For the last five years, he has used the same equipment to document the power quality problems on dairy farms, working with utilities to solve the problems (when they cooperate) and solving any problems of on-farm origin.

    Stetzer collaborated with Dr. Donald Hillman, professor emeritus at Michigan State University in the Department of Animal Science, and Dr. Martin Graham, professor emeritus at University of California-Berkeley in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Department, on a study that found a high correlation between "dirty" power and milk production. Approximately four years ago, he began documenting and solving power quality problems in homes and workplaces.

    Catherine Kleiber, District 1 Young Farmer Chairperson, suffered from the effects of electrical pollution. She recovered from a four-year illness -- diagnosed by doctors as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- subsequent to reducing her exposure to electrical pollution with Stetzer's help. Since then, she has been working to gain recognition of the debilitating, even life-threatening, effects of electrical pollution.