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Anecdotal Evidence
1. Personal Anecdotes

2. Wisconsin
To illustrate these heartbreakingly alarming exposure outcomes, and the possible curing of the harmful effects, I have sent you a film, "Beyond Coincidence, The Perils of Electrical Pollution", and four laminated plastic maps showing specific examples of major health problems in rural Wisconsin. ... The use of italics indicates my notes from direct interviews.

3. Abbotsford, WI (1,952people), Clark County (33,557 people).
This map shows 12 homes with the homes within an area of about 3 by 3 miles. There are 45 people from these homes. Two oscilloscope plots from each home are shown with measurements taken as before. The photograph of 2 fetus (twins) indicates that they were miscarried at a late date. Most of the reported maladies are consistent with chronic fatigue syndrome and other ailments.

4. Luxemburg, WI (1,520 people, 460 families), Kinosha County (population 152,524).
This map shows 26 homes (no specific information is provided for 9 homes). Within the 17 homes with information, there are 37 people with various maladies. Again there are 2 oscilloscope plots of dirty power collected as above. Symptoms are again as before except that there are 4 deaths and 2 miscarriages (one, with the photograph of the fetus is a miscarriage only 2 weeks prior to full term where the moved in with in-laws for 2 weeks).

The 9 homes without information are because Dave Stetzer has not spoken to anyone at these homes. He has been told that there were many miscarriages.

5. Brighten, WI (Population around 2,300), Kinosha County (population 152,524).

Attempts To Report Information - All Thwarted


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